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We Proudly offer all levels of tanning including: • High-Pressure • Low-Pressure • VHR "Reflector Technology", • UV-Free A tanning salon is an American creation that has been adopted in a majority of societies where a cosmetic tan has become the ideal in beauty. It has seen especially large success in the climates where cold weather or a lack of sunshine is the norm. Tanning salons will often boast a myriad of tanning options such as the tanning bed. A tanning bed that is comprised of ultraviolet lights that activate the same cellular change that lying in the sunshine can create. The benefit of a tanning bed is that the tan can be achieved faster.

A growing trend in the tanning salon industry is the introduction of both the spray tanning booth and the airbrush tan. Neither incorporates the use of ultraviolet lighting, which can cause skin damage over time. Spray tanning booths and airbrushing options have become more and more popular, because they are less invasive measures that can achieve the same result as baking in the sun.

A spray tanning booth is literally a small booth that you can stand in. Once you are inside, the booth is secured so that you are in private and the spray tanning mixture goes completely onto your skin. A spray tan compound is released via spouts in the wall. Spray tans can achieve the same glow as a sun tan by activating a chemical reaction within your skin, but not one that can cause permanent damage or develop into skin cancer over time.

Airbrushing is done in a similar way, but with an airbrush technician to apply the tanning solution to the skin. The benefit of an airbrush sunless tanning session is that the airbrush technician is trained and can customize the tan to your specific skin as the tan is being applied. The tanning salon team at Sun Seekers Tanning Salon will know exactly how to help you achieve your perfect tan.

The Ergoline Prestige 1400 is a customer favorite as it redefines luxury and takes tanning to new heights. The Intelligent Performance Technology ensures quicker and deeper tanning results for the most even and dark all-over tan in only 10 quick minutes!

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