Red LIght/Infrared Light Therapy,

Red light therapy uses red, low-level wavelengths of light. Red Light Therapy produces a biochemical effect that boosts the amount of energy in cells and stimulates collagen, elastin, and blood-flow. This helps cells function more efficiently, become rejuvenated, and repair damage throughout the body. There are close to no negative effects of red light therapy and many skin and overall health benefits.


Reduces signs of aging and acne – Red light therapy encourages lymphatic drainage which helps the body cleanse itself of impurities which cause acne and redness.

Improves scars, stretch marks, and cellulite – Red light therapy helps with blood circulation, this helps to smooth the skin and deliver nutrients to damaged areas of the body.

Reduces pain, inflammation, and sunburns – Red light helps to open the blood vessels and aid in blood flow, helping with both pain and inflammation.

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